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  • Do you want to train to become an accredited Fertility or Menopause Coach via on-line training? 
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  • Maybe you're here to seek menopause support via our UK and Ireland menopause live-tour & in-person workshops?
  • Or perhaps you're an existing practitioner who's looking for women's health specific CPD accredited training or business vision mentoring? 

Whatever it is you're here to find, we're so thrilled that you've taken this time to visit, and we think you will find your home with us!


Fertility Expert-Coach Practitioner Training Programme 2024
Menopause Expert-Coach Practitioner Training Programme 2024
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Do You Want to Become an Accredited Expert-Coach Practitioner?

We're so thrilled that you've taken this leap to visit our website!  If your wish is to work in the field of fertility or menopause and to up-skill, retrain or train from scratch we think you will find your home with us!  Likewise, if you're looking for bite-sized CPD accredited training we have you covered there too.

By taking the step to look at our training, you're already one step closer to CHAMPIONING OTHER WOMEN, MEN, COUPLES & INDIVIDUALS!


Look inside our Fertility Expert-Coach Practitioner Programme For 2024!

We're under construction right now and for the first 2.5 weeks of December 2023!!  Apologies that our info is therefore limited!

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