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Understand Menopause

Anatomy & Physiology


Stages of Menopause



Learn Coaching Fundamentals

Coaching Techniques

Building Rapport

Ethics and Boundaries



Gain the skills to deliver menopause management strategies

Holistic Approach

Supplemental Support

Medical Interventions


12 months, 12 modules, NEW CAREER!

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From Liadh, our CEO:

"Teaching you to become a successful Menopause Expert-Coach Practitioner is personal. So many women feel alone and unsure during this time and I want you to become their greatest supporter.  You will be taught how to educate and guide them through this transition, and will have the skills to stand toe-to-toe with any other menopause practitioner working within this space. I hope you JOIN US!"


Liadh xx


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"I have seen behind the scenes and within the trenches of Women's Health Network's training and I can tell you, if you want to work in the field of women's health, menopause, coaching or fertility you need Liadh and her team!"

Vanessa Fields, Nutritional Therapist & Menopause Expert
- London, UK



"As a scientist to masters level and a senior systems engineer, I was delighted to undertake my nutritional therapy studies with Liadh as she exemplified the best in client care one can aspire to. Her analysis is precise and incisive and her training is on a par with the best in the industry. She is also a very decent and caring human being who gives the client and student her complete attention and the best possible care one can hope for.  Whatever you find inside her membership and training programmes will be worth everything to you as a practitioner."

Albert Byrne, Nutritional Therapist & Naturopath.
- Ireland


"Women's Health Network is an amazing resource that I am so looking forward to using to best benefit my clients, courses and for my own information.  Being able to access this network of practitioners will help me when I travel for work, and will also benefits my international clients.  Having other practitioners around the world to refer to and work together with is a unique benefit."

Louise Kane Buckley, Nutritional Therapist, Naturopath, Podcaster
- Hong Kong & Ireland
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 Offering top-rated practitioner courses and coach training programmes, along with patient/client fertility and menopause health programmes and workshops.


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